Dear Peter Rabbit!

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1.      Building Background: You can share some sites with Peter Rabbit activities from Peter Rabbit Online. Click on play games, click “characters” to discuss the characters in the story.

2.      Story: Read “Peter Rabbit” with the students online or using the book.

3.      Story Elements: Go to Read Write Think’s Story Map Link and have the class (or students) work on a Story Map that includes story elements. (Character, setting, conflict, resolution)

4.      Graphic Organizer:  This MS Word web template may  be downloaded for students to type six questions or statements to Peter Rabbit. interactive MS Word Document web organizer template.  Have the students save their webs with their name and/or initials.

5.      Writing Letter: Now once the graphic organizers are complete, the students will type letters to Peter Rabbit. 

Once rough drafts are written, students can use any of the interactive forms for electronic versions:

6.      Art: Students can make bunny hats or headbands.

7.      Presenting Letters to the Class: Each student will present or read their letter to the class.  Note: Students can wear their bunny ears while reading their letters to Peter Rabbit.

8.      Webpage/Blog: Optional: For those with websites, the students can take pictures of each other with digital cameras and the teacher can place the students letter with a picture of the student who wrote the letter. You can do this with blogs as well.  See example to share with students. Read some student letters!

9.      More extension ideas for Easter activities can be found on the Vermilion Parish Easter Holiday site.

10. Extension Story: Comparing fiction and non-fiction stories of rabbits and survival. Real life story of a rabbit named Bugs who survived Hurricane Katrina (PowerPoint) The teacher can use oneCompare and Contrast interactives from  to compare both stories or use one Venn Diagrams .


Lesson by Sadie Suire
Dozier Elementary


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