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Dear Parents,

   Welcome back to another school year! I am looking forward to working with your child this year.  We will be doing many exciting things on our First Grade Safari.  To ensure your child’s fun filled school experience, you need to know what will take place.  Please be prepared for the work load this school year because first grade is an extremely important year in your child’s education. 

Test Paper Folder

     This folder is blue.  Test papers will go home on Wednesdays of each week.  There will be an attached sheet inside the test paper folder. This sheet will be filled in according to your child’s accomplishments and needed improvements.  Please keep a record of your child’s grades during the six weeks.  This will help to keep you informed as to what grade your child has in each subject.  Please go over the test papers with your child and sign the attached sheet. Please return the test papers and folder the following day.


      First graders are given letter grades in the following subjects:  Reading, Math, Language, and Spelling.

*An “S”, “N”, and “U” are given in other subjects such as Social Living ( Social Studies and Science), Music, and Physical Education.  “S” is given for A, B, and C.  “N” is given for a D.   “U” is given for an “F”.

Grading Scale 

100-----94  A
 93-----87  B
 86-----77  C
 76-----70  D
 69-----00  F


     Homework is a MUST!  It will be checked daily. On Mondays a homework sheet for the week will be sent home in the homework folder.  A record is kept of those students who do not do their homework.  If your child does not have homework it will resulting  minus one point off their participation grade.  A participation grade will be given in each subject each six weeks.  It will be worth 30 points.

Homework Folder

     This folder is red.  It will be divided into two sections: Return side and Keep at home side.  The students will put homework in this folder to do nightly and return to school the following day.  Homework will be given every night expect Fridays and holidays. Also, if you have any notes that need to be given to me, please put them inside the red homework folder.

On the “ keep at home” side, these papers must be cleaned out nightly.

Reading Study Folder

     This folder is yellow. It will contain the vocabulary words for the story we are working on that week.  The students will be graded orally on the words so please review nightly.

Accelerated Reader (AR) Folder

     This folder is used to record any AR library books that are tested on the computer for points earned.

General Information About Subject Areas

    Reading-Our reading series consist of reading take home books, practice pages, and vocabulary word cards.  There will be one reading test per week.

    Social Living –This is Science and Social Studies. We will work in two to three week units and rotate.  We may not have a test every week.

   Math- Your child will usually have some kind of math worksheet for homework as a reinforcement of what was learned in class each day. There will be one math test per week.

   Spelling-We will not start spelling right away.  When we start spelling, your child will write their spelling words 3 times each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.  On Thursday, there will be a trial test and a final test will be on Friday.  There will be one spelling test per week.

  Language- The students will review the worksheets done in class as a homework review.  Some skills will include nouns, verbs, etc.   The students may have one worksheet for homework some weeks.  I will give one language test per week.  Also, the students will be doing on writing assignment each nine weeks.

  Poems-The students will receive a poem each week.  They are to read the poem assigned for the week at least five times to someone.   The person could be a brother, sister, cousin, mom, dad, etc.  The person to whom the student read the poem should sign their name after the student reads the poem.  If the student does not get their poem signed it will result in minus one point as homework participation.

    I know this letter is a bit long, but I hope it is helpful in understanding the guidelines for first grade.  Please use it as a reminder. If you have any questions contact me at school (937-6915).  Please do not call me at home!

This is my time with my family.  I hope to have a successful school year with your child.

                                                Yours in education,

                                                   Sadie Suire

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