Santa Letters from Mrs. Shana LeBlanc's 2nd Grade Class at LeBlanc Elementary

Dear Santa,

This year I want a couple of things.  First, I want a dirt bike because my other one doesnít work and it is too dusty. I will ride it in the dirt. Another present, I want is a WiiU because I never had one and I want to play games. It is a game I can play by myself. I deserve those presents because I have been good everyday and I help my mom with my brother. I made principals list. How did you get your elves? This year I know I will like my presents.

Love,   Alexander Touchet

Dear St. Nick,

            Christmas morning I open presents with my family.  First I want a Fijit Friend for Christmas because it talks and I can play with my friend.  For another gift I want a Secret   Journal because it keeps secrets so nobody looks   at my private thoughts.  Then I had tried my best in school.  I deserve presents because I clean the house every week.  I also make my bed every day.  This is an awesome Christmas.  Why are you called St. Nick?

Love, Chloe  Mayard

Dear Santa,

            On Christmas morning I would like to find what I really wanted badly. I want a pink Monster high bike because my other one is really old and I  am learning to ride on two wheels. I also want a real fluffy Malti-Poo because I will give it lots of care. Another thing I want for Christmas is the Monster high coffin bean set because I donít have it and I really like it. I deserve those things because I do my homework every night and I am not greedy sometimes. I hope Christmas is a blast. How do you go around the world in one night?

Love, Claire Gremillion

Dear Santa,

            I want some presents for Christmas morning. First thing I want for Christmas is blue roller skates because my others are old with no wheels. I will go down the street. The other toy is and play station because my other one is broken, and old .I want to play it with Benjamin.   I deserve it because Iím an Honor roll student and Iím responsible. I love when you give me things.                                                                                    

Love,   Cyara Darby

Dear Santa,

Can you get me this stuff I want?  First I would like a black wiiu because someone can watch TV while I play.  I would like these games, Mario Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two and Zelda.  Second I would like a iPad Mind craft Pe.  Can I get this stuff I want because Iíve good every day I do the jobs around the house.  Am I on the knotty list? I hope you get me this stuff.

Love, Izaha  Breaux

Dear Santa Claus,  

            This Christmas I want a couple of things. First, I want a brown bunny because I donít have any animals. I want to play with it and pet it. Another thing, I want is a laptop so I can talk to my mom on Skype. I will go on a website. I want a rainbow laptop. I deserve these things because Iím on principalís list and I clean the house everyday. I work hard in school. Does one of your reindeer have a red nose? These are the things I want for Christmas.                                                 

Love,   Lizzie  Townley

Dear Santa,

On Christmas morning I hope I have a lot of gifts. First, I want Santa to bring me a desktop computer because I don`t have one and a game I would like to play is the Sims. Another thing, I want is a I pod because I don`t have one and games I would like to play are Austin and Ally and Shake it up. I deserve it because I made principal`s list, I help my mom wash the dishes and I never miss a day of school. What would you like for Christmas? Santa I told you everything I want for Christmas.

Love, Alysia Huntsberry

Dear Santa,                                                                                                                            

            On Christmas morning can you bring me the stuff I want. First, I want a BB gun. I want a new BB gun because my other one is broken. I could go hunting with my pop and my daddy. Then, I want a X box 360 because I don`t have one. I deserve those things because I tried my best in math. What would you want for Christmas? Santa can you pass at my house but don`t let your reindeers dirty my house.                                                                                                                                                        

Love,   Cabot Blake LeBouef

Dear Santa,

            I want an I pod because my old one broke.  With my new one and I play games on it.  I hope I get my dirt bike for Christmas.  I want to ride in the mud with my brothers.  I feel like I should get these gifts because I have been good.  I have improved a whole grade level on star math.  What if you donít bring my presents I will be glum if you donít bring my presents to me. 

Love, Landon Choate   

Dear Santa,

            This Christmas I would love something. First I want a white wii and a black laptop. Another gift I will want is a white bunny and a black puppy. I deserve this because I made principal`s list and I do my homework. Do you get to make presents? I will love all the stoff.

Love,  Mallory Trahan

Dear Santa Claus,

            This year I hope I have lots of my favorite things on Christmas day.  First, I want a real puppy so I can walk.  Second  I want a black xbox360 so my cousin and friends can all play.  Third, I want all of these things because I clean the house all by myself every day. I hope Christmas is a blast. What do you want  for  Christmas   this year Santa.

Love, Aaliyah Lute

Dear Santa,

            On Christmas I would like my whole living room to be full of gifts. First I want a red I pod. I donít have one. I will play Mine Craft games. Another gift is a laptop. I donít have one. I will go on VMathLive. You could get me this because it can make me smarter. I deserve these because I tried my best in spelling. I also deserve it because I clean my room everyday. This is what I want. Why do you live in the North Pole.

Love, Andon Daigle

Dear  St. Nick,    

This Christmas I would love to have some things.  First, I will love to have a blue Wii.  I do not like going in my momís room so I want the new one to go in my room.  I can share it with Emily.  Another gift, I would love to have is a jump rope.  I keep on having Principals List so thatís why I think I can have my own jump rope.  I will share with Mandy.  I deserve the Wii and the jump rope because I am always nice and I try my best in school.  How many teeth do reindeer have?

Love, Ellie Kurisko

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas I would be happy to get these two gifts.  First, I would like BB gun. If I get a gun t would shoot the snakes. I feel like I should get it because I have been good in second grade. I would all so like a jump rope I could exercise. Getting a jump rope I would make me healthy. Iím responsible every day. When did you get my letter? This year for Christmas I know I will be happy.

Love, Victor Huerta

Dear Santa Claus,

On Christmas morning I want a two present.  I want new Roller Skates because I donít have roller skates to ride on the road.  Another present I want a  t.v.  To whach cat in the hat.  I am good.  Who many reindeer?

Love, Havin Nguyen

Dear Santa,

            I hope I get the things I want for Christmas.  First, I want all of my teeth so I can eat.  I also would like a jump rope so that I can jump with Ellie.  Some other toys I want is a pink bike so I can ride with Kennedi.  I deserve it because I am nice and I help people.  I love when you give me things.  How many cookies do you want with your milk?

Love,   Carlee LeBlanc

Dear St. Nick,

            On Christmas morning I will love to open my presents.  First, I want a playstation because my old one broke. I can play it with my brothers and sisters.  Next, I had a psp and my grades went down so I have to bring my grades up to get my psp back . Maybe you can bring me a dirt bike because  I made good  grades. I deserve a play station because I made honor roll and I tried my best in school.  What do you want to give to Rudolph this year?  I cannot wait to open my presents.

Love, Benjamin Fourroux

Dear  Santa,

  Christmas morning I want  15 presents  .  I want  a  psp  to  play games  and  because  I  do  my  homework  at  home.  Under  the  Christmas   tree  I  also  want  a  bb gun  because  I  would  shot   a  tree  to  practice  my  aim. I listen  to  my  parents   at  home. I   deserve   these  things  because   I  am  good  in  school,  I  work  hard  in  school,  and  I  got  principals  list.  I  hope  you  bring  me  these  things.  What color  psp?  What kind  of  bbgun ?  Would   you  like  these  toys?

Love,  Colin Weekly

Dear Santa,

            This Christmas I want a few things.  The first gift I want is a DSi because my old one doesnít work.  I could play with my brothers.  Ryheim and Ryanthavian could play the other one.  I try my best in school and I made honor roll.  I make A and B on my test papers.  What will you want for Christmas?  I promise I will be good until you give me my present on Christmas morning.

Love, Rontrell Sylvester

Dear Saint Nick,

            This year I will be good so I can get a bunch of presens.  This year I would love a BB Gun because my mom said I can practice shooting it with her.  The Nerf Gun I want is blue, gray, and orange.  I will play Army with Jace.  I want a target too.  I am nice to my friend, I work hard, and I am good every day.  How many reindeer do you have?

Love, Landen LaJeune

Dear Santa,

            Thereís a few things I want this year for Christmas.  First I want a Camo Pellet Rifle with a camo scope.  I want this because my other one broke.  The secont thing I want is a Camo Compound Bow because my other oneís rope is too hard to pull.  I do my best and I got good face on conduct.  What is the name of your reindeer?  I would love to get my present early.

Love, Carson Prince

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