All About Mrs. Shana

Homework Policy  and Homework Link

Homework will be put on the board everyday for your child to copy onto his/her homework chart, located in their homework folder.  Each night your child should bring home their homework folder which will consist of EVERYTHING, including homework and class work.    They should also bring home their homework folder and library book.  This should be very light for them to carry.
Homework will be checked every morning.  If it is not completed correctly the student will stay in from recess to finish the assignment or if it is reading/spelling they will do it during centers.

Please make sure that all study guides stay in their folder so that we can refer back to them each day.


If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail at, check out my homework page @, or call (337)937-8110.  



Each night for homework your child will be expected to read of 20 minutes.  They are able to read the fluency passages that are sent home, library books, or any other reading material.  A parent or guardian is to sign your child's reading log that will be located in their reading folder.  We will give them a fluency passage each Monday.  This passage may be a good resource to practice timing your child.  They will be expected to read 87 words in a minute by the end of the year.  Your child will also receive a vocabulary study guide on Monday. 


Social Living



In Social Living and Science the bulk of the material is taught in class.  Your child may not bring home a study guide for all the units that will be taught this year.  Please make sure you go over any worksheets done in class and review them.  If a study guide is given it will be written on their homework chart.
I rarely give Language homework, so take a break and ask your child about his/her writing this week.  Make sure to look in their language sleeve for study guides and class work to review.



Each night your child will have math homework.  Please read their homework chart carefully to make sure you do the correct page.  Also, practice addition and subtraction facts.  You may need to assist your child with the math homework, especially in the beginning of the year.  The work consist of many word problems, and your child may simply need help with reading the problems.  Successful completion of math homework is very important for your child to have a satisfactory math grade. 
Your child will write their words some nights.  The correctly spelt words could be found on the spelling worksheet from Monday nights homework.   Each night there will be a spelling assignment for you child to complete.

(write 2 times, write sentences with the words, or word triangles)