At LeBlanc Elementary we promote Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support.        

Our school wide motto is  

    LeBlanc Lions

Respect Others

Observe Good Manners

Are Responsible & Safe

to Reach our Goals


We strive for positive discipline in our classroom.  The children

will be awarded for cooperation and hard work.  




Discipline Chart: 

Students are expected to be courteous, well mannered,

and follow school rules at all times.  Failure to do so will

result in disciplinary action.  If students do not follow

rules he/she will receive consequences.


Classroom Rules: 

1. To be respectful I keep my eyes forward with the teacher is talking.

2. To be respectful I will always raise your hand and ask permission to

     do something.
3.  To observe good manners I will keep my hands, feet, and other

     objects to myself.
4.  I will be responsible and safe if I follow directions the first time

     they are given


A conduct report  will be sent home each day and this

will help you to keep track of your child's progress.







In addition, if a child consistently ignores requests and

directions, this will be noted and it will affect their

 conduct grade.  When a child chooses to break a rule,

 these are the consequences:

No rules broken A

One rule broken A      (Warning)

Two rules broken  -  B    (5 minute conference and daily job

                                           will be lost for the day)

Three rules broken C  (privilege taken away and Minor Infraction) 

Four rules broken D     (privilege and recess taken away and

                                         2nd Minor Infraction)

Five rules broken - F   (Major Infraction)

SEVERE DISRUPTION:  Sent to principal

This includes fighting, yelling, cursing, vandalism, or defiance.