Each night for homework your child will be expected to read of 20 minutes.  They are able to read anything they want.  A parent or guardian is to sign your child's reading log that will be located in their reading folder.  We will give them a fluency passage each Monday.  This passage may be a good resource to practice timing your child.  They will be expected to read 90 words in a minute by the end of the year.  Your child will also receive a vocabulary study guide on Monday.  They will be expected to complete a worksheet on Monday night.  On Tuesday night they will have another worksheet that will ask them to put the correct vocabulary word in the blanks. Each night they will also have to practice their high frequency words (heart words).  These are words that your child should be able to memorize.  I have also typed up a list of phrases.  These phrases are to get the kids to read faster and learn how to move their eyes across the page.  At night time your child for one minute to see how many phrases they can read.