All About Mrs. Shana LeBlanc








   My education, I'm sure began before I entered the public school system.  If you have a mom that is teacher and a godmother that is also a teacher, I'm sure I was read to and made aware of life skills before "real" school.  When I was four, I began kindergarten at Dozier Elementary.  I remember loving to go to the library to see which book character Ms. Anne Guilbeaux (librarian) would be dressed as.  I then attended Erath Elementary (now Erath Middle) where I became acquainted with learning how to study and do things for myself.  I then went to Erath High.  My high school years went so fast.  I remember almost failing Algebra I and struggling in my math and science classes.  In high school, I found myself in many sports.  I was team captain of my basketball and track teams my senior year.  I was lucky enough to be a member of Erath's Sweet Sixteen basketball team under the coaching of Coach Ralph Thibodeaux and Coach Lynn Vincent.  That was an experience that I will never forget.  I was also on the first Erath High softball team my sophomore year.  I absolutely love sports.  I was even the team captain of our powder puff team for four years.  This is a football game on the Wednesday night of homecoming week.  The boys cheer, while the girls play football.  After graduating from high school in 1996 I attended USL.  In my last semester they changed their name to UL.  I took many classes, but my most memorable was a dinosaur class with Nathan. 

I graduated from UL in the fall of 2000 and got my first job at Eaton Park in 2001.

I then graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership from McNeese State University in December of 2010.