My fellow colleagues and I have touched every….every….every…single person in the world. 

 If you are able to read this, someone in your past taught you how.  That someone probably

still thinks about you and wonders what you have accomplished.  I would personally like to

thank a list of people. 

My parents and my husband

the late Ms. Cecile Dubois (kindergarten teacher)

the late Ms. Mae Belle Boudreaux (first grade teacher)

 Ms. Charlene Suire Theriot (second grade teacher)

Ms. Joddy Dore’ Landry (third grade teacher)

Ms. Joan Langlinais (fourth grade teacher)

Ms. Virginia Broussard (fifth grade teacher)

Ms. Lena Alleman, Mr. Terry LeBlanc, Ms. Carmen Nunez, Ms. Sabra Simon, and Ms. Jeanell Segura (sixth grade teachers)

Ms. Vicki Armentor, Ms. Cheryl Delahoussaye, Ms. Angela Lange, Ms. Cindy Drott, Ms. Jessica Butler (seventh grade teachers)

Ms. Stephanie Broussard, the late Ms. Liz Borel, Ms. Jo Ann Crochet, Ms. Louisa Primeaux (eighth grade teachers)

My high school teachers Ms Nellie Broussard, Coach Ralph Thibodeaux, Mr. Donald Gremillion, Ms. Phyllis Berberich, Mr. Mayard, Ms. Karen Simon, Ms. Mary Helen LeBlanc, Mr. Calvin Vice, Coach Kirk Vice, Ms. Christina Dooley, Ms. Lynn Moss, Ms. Sue Butaud, Ms. Jackie Langlinais

And all the others I failed to mention.