All About Mrs. Shana LeBlanc

Griffin Jude was born on February 13, 2007

Nathan (husband) and Dason (brother)

Griffin Jude after a bath in the utility sink

Raleigh Claire 2 years, Griffin 2 months, and Brayden 1 year

Brayden Joseph (godchild), Alexis Claire (cousin), Nathan (husband), Griffin Jude (son), Raleigh Claire (neice), Ashlyn Marie (cousin)

Brayden full of coke and caked on mud

Ashlie (my sister and Griffin's nannie) and Griffin Jude at a BOBCAT game

Brayden snuggling with his Parrin Nathan

Aunt Aunie with Griffin for his first birthday

Dason (brother) after his football game and Brennan (brother)

Raleigh, Griffin, Brayden, and Dason

My Grammy and cousin Scott

Griffin on his Easter gift from his Parrin Chris

Griffin Jude playing his piano

Halloween '07 Brayden 2 years, Raleigh 3 years, Griffin 1 year