This link will allow you to view a website which has the list of AR books divided by title, author,  and grade level.

  VPSB Poetry



  Sight WordsInteractiveWordsDolch WordsMrs. Perkins Word Practice


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  Dr. SeussJunie B. JonesArthurNate the GreatCurious GeorgeCliffordMagic School BusMagic Tree House



Each night for homework your child will be expected to read of 20 minutes. They are able to read anything they want. A parent or guardian is to sign your child's reading log that will be located in their homework folder. We will give them a fluency passage each Monday.This passage may be a good resource to practice timing your child. They will be expected to read 87 words in a minute by the end of the year. Your child will also receive a vocabulary study guideon Monday. They will be expected to complete the study guides on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Our reading class is a mandated 90 minute block that is not interrupted.  Our class consist of:

  We start reading class with reading our basal story in partners.  Next, I read a story to them that coordinates with our theme.  We then complete a morning message and preview our phonics.  Then we spend about 15 minutes on spelling and phonics.  Our vocabulary comes next.  We love to act out our vocabulary and play many fun games with definitions and sentences.  Then we learn our skill and reading strategy.  Last we go to centers while the teachers pull small groups to read stories that correlates to our basal story. 

















The following link will send you to sites and activities we will use daily

in Reading Class and centers.