Mr. S. Gradnigo’s Physical Science Classes (rev. 06/2010)




Physical Science is a freshman introductory course dealing with chemistry and physics.   It is a lecture, lab, and hands-on class.  Course topics include matter, energy, force, motion, electricity and magnetism.  Students will learn science through the application of critical thinking skills, and direct/indirect problem-solving techniques using scientific inquiry.


TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION:  Student learning in Physical Science will be facilitated as much as possible via the use of available technology resources.  This includes, but is not limited to:  use of either classroom or personal laptop computer; teacher-specified course software and internet resources; online quizzes, labs and assessments; etc.


You are expected to abide by the following rules and policies during your participation in this class:

1You are expected to arrive on time, and be seated in your assigned place prior to the ringing of the tardy bell.  All students who arrive after the 7:28 bell must report to the office before entering class.  Tardiness between classes is unacceptable and will not be tolerated!


2.  Follow all school and classroom and lab safety rules and procedures.

3.  Be respectful and courteous to your teacher, others and yourself.

4. Raise your hand to gain recognition and permission to speak or to go to get tissue for your nose..

5.  Everyday, you are to copy the objectives from the board into your binder or planner.  Note:   The objectives will tell you what you will learn and should be able to do by the end of the lesson.

6. Assigned written work, quizzes and exams should be completed in black or blue ink on looseleaf paper.  All assignments must be turned in on time.  No spiral notebook paper with rough edges will be accepted. You will place written assignments in the correct basket for your class section.  

Digital assignments shall be saved to your personal network folder.  In order to received graded credit, a copy of your work must be placed in the teacher’s DIGITAL DROPBOX by the assignment due date.

7. Place assignments and study guides and diagrams in your binder for exam study.  All lab work is to be done in your lab journal.  You may have unannounced, but graded journal or binder checks, so keep all materials throughout the entire school year.  DO NOT throw anything away unless instructed to do so by the teacher.  You will be held responsible for all items not present during your journal or binder check.


8. Put all trash in the trash can.  NO  eating or drinking by students is allowed in the classroom!


9. You must bring all necessary materials with you to class. NO BORROWING from your teacher or classmates.


10. Cheating Policy:  Any practice of fraud, trickery, or deceit to improve one’s grade is considered cheating.  This includes copying another person’s homework, looking at another person’s test, copying an essay or paper word for word from someone else or directly from another source, or directly from a printed or published source (internet, book, magazine, etc.). 

A student who has stolen knowledge and/or has possession of knowledge, subject matter, or answers at any time is considered to be cheating.  Any student caught cheating in any way will receive a “0” for the assignment or test and his/her name will be submitted to the administration.  The second offense of cheating in any class will result in a “0” as well as an in-school suspension.


11.  Testing Make-up Policy:  Make-up tests will be given for excused absences only.  Students must contact the teacher immediately upon return following any excused absence to make the necessary arrangements to makeup any work missed during this period.   Please refer to Parish Policy regarding make-ups.  


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