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LACUE 2010 "Click: Focusing on the Digital Age"

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Our School's Journey and Quest for Technology
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Dozier is interested in acquiring computers, Promethean items, mobile labs, software and more. Interested in helping us? Click here!  (See video) To help using Digital Wish click here!  See teacher websites and projects!

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Hurricane IKE, Katrina & Rita


My Thoughts on Classroom Technology

      Born with a moderate hearing loss, I have always been at a disadvantage by society’s terms of hearing. Fitted with hearing aids at the age of thirty years old, I made a conscious effort to use my disability as an advantage in my classroom. Without a doubt, I know in my heart, that my hearing impairment has affected “who” I am as a teacher. During the first three decades of my life, I lived with only half of my hearing. Despite the help of my hearing aids during the past thirteen years, struggling with the simple task of hearing every day sounds in the world is and will always be a part of my life. While most can just “listen” and learn, there was never a time in my life in which I could depend solely on my hearing abilities.

     As my struggles intensified, I was able to realize the importance of “hands on activities” and the implementation of multi sensory methods to stimulate student learning. Through the assistance of technology based programs, I have been able to successfully enhance lessons by connecting concepts through the use of visual aids. In essence, I feel that just as my “hearing aids” are tools which have helped compensate for my hearing loss, I believe computers are tools which help students meet individual academic needs and challenges. Whether it be with academically strong students or those experiencing learning problems, I have seen technology help all of my children rise to meet personal challenges. Read entire article. (Blog Version)
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Interested in helping us purchase technology items? You can email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. 

Our technology committee is interested in donations for upgraded computers, mobile labs, Promethean Boards, Activotes (or Activexpressions) and software for intervention and centers. If you are interested in donating money or items and would like a copy of our technology proposal mailed to you (or your company) email us or call the office @ 337-937-6915. We would need your name (or your company's name), address, phone number and a contact email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

"Digesting a Story" Magazine Article

Read my "Digesting a Story" Unit Magazine Article published in ISTE's May Issue of L & L Technology Magazine.

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