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Have You Met Mike the Tiger?
Descriptive Writing Assignment

Mike the Tiger Descriptive Writing Assignment (Download PowerPoint Teaching Resource)

1.  Goal of this project: To describe Mike the Tiger and his habits by using your five senses.  Targets 2nd Grade GLE #22

2.  Lesson 1: Look over and discuss "Mike the Tiger" Links to build Background on him.

3.   Display the "Mike the Tiger" Web from the PowerPoint and discuss possibilities of each description.  (Remind students to keep their five senses in the description. 

See sample questions below.

  • WWhat would you see if you visited Mike?

  • WWhat might you hear? 

  • WWhat would Mike like to taste and eat?

  • HHow would Mike feel if you touched him?  

  • CCan smell help Mike hunt or with his eating habits? How so?


4.  Hand out the Blackline Copy of the Descriptive Writing Web to the students.  They can write hints or sentences to help them organize their thoughts for their Descriptive Paragraph.  (MS Word File or PDF FILE)

5.  Final project will involve writing a descriptive paragraph about Mike the Tiger.  Demonstrate and share an example of what is expected when they are done with the project.  State that it is important for them to use "describing words".  (This paragraph is in the PowerPoint.)

*Remind the students (Proofreading Checklist)

  • To use capitals and the correct punctuation.

  • To have an opening sentence.

  • To have a closing statement.

  • To check their spelling.

  • To make sure each sentence or questions makes sense.

  • To have descriptive words.

  • To proofread and edit their work.

6. Download Premade MS Word Template (with the inserted photo of "Mike the Tiger") on each of the computers that students will be using.  The font is set. The title is in place. The students would open this document and type their own name and story.  Then they will need to save their work accordingly.  The teacher must BE CLEAR ON HOW TO SAVE THEIR DOCUMENT before the project is started!

NOTE: Teach students to save their document with their name or initials after it is completed.  If they don't label their own document by saving it correctly, they will override other student's work. 

Have you met Mike the Tiger?

      Have you met the LSU mascot Mike the Tiger?  Mike is a huge tiger who lives on the LSU campus.  Mike is beautiful with his gold and black stripes of fur.  He roars loud and he scares people sometimes.  Sometimes people scream loud when he moves quickly! Mike loves to eat raw meat.  To him, the meat is a tasty meal.  When Mike is near meat, he can smell his delicious meal. When my two year old cousin visited Mike in Baton Rouge, he asked his dad if Mike the Tiger was going to eat him? Why do you think he asked his dad that question?  Yes, he was very afraid of Mike.  It seems that he does have soft fur, but many would never take the chance to feel if it was very soft or not.  Have you have met Mike the Tiger?  I have and he was a beautiful tiger.  I have to be honest.  I was extremely happy he was in his large steel cage when I went to see him on the LSU campus!


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