Digesting a "Christmas Story" Photo Gallery
Pictorial Lesson Plan

Teacher brings in edible setting and character items.

Teacher explains that through these "edible" items, they will need to create a setting and have characters that will be "digested" later on.

Expectations are placed on the board.

Remind the students over and over of the "goal". They need to understand that the "goal" is to create a story with a setting, characters, a problem and a solution.

Then, "building the set" process begins.

The class worked in groups to build gingerbread houses.

Building the set

Basic setting is complete.

Story Mapping begins. Each group is given a story map to decide on settings, characters, problems and solutions.

Ideas are recorded and discussed.

Groups begin sharing ideas.

Groups begin their discussions.

Ideas are documented.

The groups then type the information in story form on the computers.




Production Begins

Production Shot

Production Shot

Students then write questions for their own stories.

Students are given maps with each of the three final stories. They complete a story map for each story. This is part of the assessment.

Actual student work

Final test questions

Actual Assessment

Test #2


Parent Note Explaining Grade

Digesting the story

Digesting the story

Digesting the story

Teacher captures the digital video footage and creates a DVD to watch.

Enjoying their work on the screen!

Watching their DVD

Watching the DVD