Small "Digesting a Story" Clips to be Viewed
(Also included are MS Word Story Documents, Photo Galleries and PowerPoints created by each group)
Windows Media should be used to view clips

(Photograph of Ross Bares filming his class' Easter "Digesting" Stories)

Digesting a Halloween Story Clip (A Halloween Poem)  Clip show students "digesting" the Halloween setting/characters
Digesting a Thanksgiving Clip (A Turkey Tale)   Clip showing students working online with "Digesting" Story Webs
Digesting a Christmas Clip (Santa Helps Out)  Digesting a Christmas Story (Rudolph Saves Christmas) Clip
Digesting a Story (Gingerbread Man &  His Family) Clip  Clip shows Students "Digesting" their Christmas Setting/Characters
Digesting an Easter Clip (The Easter Football Story)   Digesting an Easter Story (One Easter Day) Clip
Digesting an Easter Story (The Easter Bunny) Clip  Digesting an Easter Story (The Lost Egg) Clip 
Clip shows students Digesting their Easter Setting/Characters Still Photos of "Digesting a Story" project (Taken by the students)
Group 1 PowerPoint Describing the Digesting Unit Group 2 PowerPoint Describing the Digesting Unit
Group 3 PowerPoint Describing the Digesting Unit Group 4 PowerPoint Describing the Digesting Unit
The Easter Football Story written by students One Easter Day Story Written by students
The Easter Bunny Story written by students Rudolph Saves Christmas  Story created for movie
Santa Helps Out Story created for their movie Turkey Tale Story created, typed their movie
Lost Egg Story Written by students Gingerbread Man and His Family Story Created by students
Halloween Poem written by the class for their Digesting Movie Digesting Home Page

Please note that these are large files and may take awhile to download. The file was reduced to create a smaller file, so the quality may not be as good.  These are only clips and not the entire files created.  For more information email me at

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