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Second graders in Stacy Bodin’s class at Dozier Elementary in Erath, Louisiana recently wrote produced and filmed their own newscast. The K-DOZ TV 2 (Dozier’s Kids News Channel) project which targeted thirty nine Louisiana Grade Level Expectation elements.


The Newscast consisted of reports at the national, state, local, parish and school levels.  Through a variety of sources, story lines were researched and written. A weather report was presented, as well as a sports segment.  The news report had an unusual twist which Miss Louisiana Jennifer Dupont, who visited the school on Thursday, April 14th. A second grade student was able to film her visit and became part of the News report.  Several student were interviewed on the importance of technology in the classroom. 


The process began with a “production meeting”, in which the class and their teacher brainstormed ideas about a newscast. Questions were presented and discussed.  Question addressed were… What is a newscast?  What happens on a news report? Names some segments on the news you have seen. What was National, State and Local News?  What was involved in weather and sports reports? How does the news affect everyone? How important are weather reports? What kind of role do they play in our world?  After an in-depth discussion and answer session, topics for their newscast surfaced.  The meeting ended with students volunteering for the roles in a newscast and how would the topics be researched.  


The class divided themselves into groups for the production. In the “Anchor Crew”, it was decided that the Co Anchors and Reporters were responsible for reporting their segments. While in the “Production and Filming Crews” the responsibilities were in producing and filming the production. 


Voted on to be researched at the National Level, was a story that involved the Presidential Inauguration, which would lead into a segment called, "In Office Again".  This particular portion focused on President George W. Bush's second Inauguration. For the state news, the students opted to report on “Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco's first year in office. For local news, the writing crew prepared a segment on “Erath’s upcoming 106th birthday” on May 16, 2005.  Weather and sports reports were also written and presented by the students. Parish segments on Technology with leaders, included a recent interview with "Dozier's Eye on Tech" Reporters in which a group interviewed the Superintendent and two Assistant Superintendents in the Parish. A special message was also shared from LCET Assistant Director Cyn Bertand concerning the school's new Online Newsletter.


Two  special guests were invited to be interviewed for the newscast. Dozier Elementary’s Principal Elizabeth Gremillion and Assistant Principal Dawn Amy were interviewed by students. Gremillion and Amy were questioned about their thoughts on Dozier Elementary.


Behind the scenes the production and writing crews also played pivotal roles in the newscast. Once videoed with a digital video camera, the production was transferred and edited by their teacher.  The newscast was transferred to a DVD to be shared at a school assembly.



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