What do I need to create a Newscast?

  • Journal or composition for notes to begin
  • Graphic Organizers (Webs to begin each segment) Helps build the process with the children
  • Create a sign with News name (Example: K-DOZ TV2)
  • Signs for segments (National, State, Local, Parish, Weather, Sports, etc.
  • Create a back panels for back drop (Draped cheap material is great)
  • Need a white piece on the panel to use as a "white screen" to show segment names (Optional)
  • If you work on the above, create a Powerpoint Slide Show to display in the background as the reporters are reporting the news.
  • Get a desk or small table
  • Maps of US and State (for Weather)
  • Get a digital video camera with appropriate extension cords and a tripod.
  • Have a digital video tape for the camera
  • Charge batteries for digital still camera
  • Charge battery for digital video camera
  • Digital Camera for photographs
  • Film, memory stick, floppies, etc. for pictures
  • Get a microphone if needed
  • Prepare a lap top or computer/Projector to generate the background pictures if necessary.
  • Great to have on hand: straight pins, safety pins, scissors, large tape (mailing), scotch tape, stapler, staples, etc.
  • If capturing the video footage, a firewire
  • CD or DVD, depending on what your choice is

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