Raising the Bar: Differentiated Learning


To have  effective centers, management is the key.

  • Start slow. Be prepared with materials before class begins. Have resources in place. 

  • Have a routine that students can understand.

  • Good way to begin.  Get a cheap timer.  Have students go to a center. Ring the timer and have the students move (clockwise or counterclock wise) in groups.  Do that for 5 minutes for a few days. Once they understand a routine, then begin with centers.

  • V.I.C.T.E.R.Y Site- Management ideas (Shows reading center ideas and more!)

  • Make sure the students are aware of their tasks.  Having printed directions in each center is an effective route to go or place the directions on the board for the children to see those while working in centers.

  • Technology Center management tips:

    • You can bookmark sites on each computer. Place the links on a website, blog or a free site (like port-a-portal.  You can use a site like "iKeeps" which keeps bookmarks in one central location.

    • You can tape or place directions for tasks near computers.

Elementary center print out below for 2nd grade.

Expectation and topics below (6th grade) Book in the Bag lesson.

Differentiated Learning What is it? What does it look like? Setting Up Management Resources Project Based Learning

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