Christmas Technology Lesson








Acrostic Christmas Poems

1.  Brainstorm Christmas Words and Place those in View or Use this Christmas Word PowerPoint to begin the lesson.

2.  Go to the Read Write Think Acrostic Poem Interactive Link located at

3. Model a lesson Using the word. Put Christmas on the Board. Then open the Acrostic Poem Interactive Tool. Type in the Topic Word and the Class' Name.  Click Continue.  The next step the interactive will ask you to list or brainstorm items that could be used in your poem. 


4. The Brainstorming words that were typed will appear to the right of the screen to help.  The student (or teacher) will them click their cursor near the letter and type the word.  If they have a difficult letters like "x", drag the cursor over the letter and a hint box will pop up to help.

5. Type the word/words for each letter in the box.  Once that is done, click on the "Continue" button.  It will show you the final page.  The work "CAN"T" be saved!  If the teacher wants evidence of the child's work, he/she will have to print the work.  To begin the again, click "new Poem".


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