Christmas Technology Links
Promethean Christmas
Flip Charts
Have students create Christmas related lesson and flip charts Flip Camera Lesson
Ideas for Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas "In Other Words" Promethean Flip Chart Twas the Night Before Christmas "Retelling" PowerPoint Template Digesting a Christmas Story
(Video Lesson)
Dear Santa Letter
Dear Santa Letter
Lesson and Tools
TeachersFirst's Christmas Resources K-12
Write Christmas News with Online Newspaper Generator 1 Write Christmas News with Online Newspaper Generator 2 Write Christmas News with Online Newspaper (Several Links)
Letter Generator
(Type Christmas letter)
Add Text to student
Christmas photos!
Christmas Apps
for iPad
Christmas PowerPoints
(Pete's PPT)
Music Carols 
(Pete's PPT)
Each student will write and type a Christmas Story on a PowerPoint Slide.

Christmas Couplet Fun
Template to Download

Shape Poem

Acrostic Interactive
Christmas Poem Lesson

Create a
Christmas Timeline
Kidspiration 3 
Pre Made Christmas Templates
Free PowerPoint
Christmas templates
Christmas Links
Hope Hebert's
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Wiki Site
Scroll down for lessons!
Christmas Greeting Idea 12 Days of Christmas Excel
All I Want For Christmas
Excel Lesson
Christmas Tech Ideas
Christmas in the Classroom
(Vermilion Parish)
Vermilion Parish
Tumble Books
Christmas Lessons
Winter/Holiday Live Binder 25 Days of Christmas eCard Creator
Themed Christmas Pages

Polar Express: Vermilion Parish  
Inlcudes interactives, plans

Gingerbread Boy Vermilion Parish Inlcudes interactives, plans

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer VP Inlcudes interactives, plans

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (VP) Inlcudes interactives, plans

Twas the Night Before Christmas: VP Inlcudes interactives, plans Frosty the Snowman VP
Inlcudes interactives, plans
Gift of the Magi (Vermilion Parish) Inlcudes interactives, plans The Nutcracker Ideas A Christmas Carol Vermilion Parish) Inlcudes interactives, plans
ELA Interactives
Spark Notes
A Christmas Carol
Christmas Reading

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Christmas Stories Online Visit Santa Stories Online

Create Personalized Stories

Each student will write a Christmas Poem on a PowerPoint Slide. Read Write Think Activities on Charles Dickens! ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas Quizzes
Christmas Light Math
Fact Interactive

Create a Christmas Graph!
Several Ideas

Christmas Math
Number Sentences

Pinterest Math Ideas    

Nan's Interactives

North Many sites! Christmas Interactives
Santa's Den (See Online Naughty or Nice Interactive) Pete's PPT Interactives Primary Games
Apples4Teacher Interactives
Additional Links
Lesson Plan Page (Great Ideas!) An Index of Christmas-Themed Lesson Plans For the Classroom Carols- Kids Domain
Audio files of Christmas carols.

World Celebrations—Focus on Christmas around the World

Pinterest (Christmas) Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Holidays
Christmas Plays Short Plays

Teacher Vision


More K-12 Lesson Plans

Christmas Hotlist
United Streaming Links

United Streaming
"The Night Before Christmas"

United Streaming

The Number Crew: The Christmas Party

United Streaming

Merry Christmas, Space Case

United Streaming

Buddy Tells Space Case about Christmas

United Streaming

Dividing Christmas Cakes into Quarters

United Streaming

Dividing Christmas Cakes into Halves

United Streaming

Holiday Facts and Fun: A Multicultural Christmas

United Streaming

Buddy Waits for Thing From Outer Space to Return for Christmas

United Streaming

Buddy's Family Goes to Grandma's House for Christmas

United Streaming "Max's Christmas"

United Streaming "The Clown of God" (Christmas Elements)

United Streaming

Christmas Night

United Streaming

Christmas Is a Time of Joy

United Streaming

Native American Christmas Traditions

Video Links (Songs)
May be blocked in some districts

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Vermilion Parish Holidays in the Classroom Link

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