"In Fear of Hurricanes"
Written in October 2004

      As coastal Louisiana residents, our human weather radars seem to be a little more "in tune" during hurricane season.  Recently, as Acadiana watched New Orleans residents evacuate in fear of Hurricane Ivan's projected path,   many of us felt twinges of unsettled feelings. For those raised along the coast, we all are too familiar with the sights and sounds of evacuation protocol.

     Technology is the crucial link which now leads many to safety as these dangerous storms engulf our territory. Through warnings of television, radio, computers and technology equipment, we now have the "choice" of evacuation as warnings are issued. 

   As an educator, I stress to my children each year how fortunate we are to live with such wonderful tools at our finger tips.  Though no one can control a hurricane, we are able to control whether we want to remain for a hurricane or not. When you look at the devastation of  Galveston's Hurricane of 1900 which literally preyed, pounced and devoured a city, the realization of technology's power in saving lives is all too evident.  Without technology and proper warnings readily available, this  mighty storm engulfed a entire area leaving 6,000 dead and a lively city literally and physically flat. This is one indication  of technology's powerful role in hurricane tracking this past century.

    Through the years,  as with all coastal communities along the Gulf of Mexico, Erath has experienced the devastation of nature's
destructive force as relentless hurricanes
found their way onto our land, as well as into our homes.

     October 3rd is now a historical town date etched in the minds of many Erath residents.  Hurricane Hilda struck the coast of Louisiana on October 3, 1964. In the wake of her path, she left eight Erath men dead and a town mourning. 

   Ironically in 2002, yet another Hurricane found it's way in Erath's path as Hurricane Lili made landfall in the Vermilion Bay on October 3rd.  This time however, the town faced only fear and damages  however, not death.   

     Sunday,  October 3, 2004 will mark the 40th Anniversary of the Hurricane Hilda's destructive path through our small community.  Please join  Dozier Elementary in  remembering our eight Erath native sons who died in 1964, as well as victims of all hurricanes  in the past.

For more information on the Devastation of Hurricane Hilda's path through Erath, click here!

Story by Dozier's
 "Eye on Tech" Editor
Stacy Bodin

Stacy Bodin
Dozier Elementary
415 West Primeaux
Erath, LA 70533
Dozier Web Site http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/dozier

"Life isn't the daily twists and turns which seemingly engulf lives, but instead it lies in the choices made in driving those curves during the journey."
                                                                                                                                                         Stacy Bodin


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