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Johnny Appleseed Vocabulary Interactive 1

Johnny Appleseed Vocabulary Interactive 2 Johnny Appleseed Vocabulary Interactive 3
Johnny Appleseed - Details Johnny Appleseed Word Work Card From Seed to Plant Vocabulary Interactive 1
From Seed to Plant Vocabulary Interactive 2

From Seed to Plant Vocabulary Interactive 3

From Seed to Plant Word Work Card
The Secret Lives of Trees Word Work Card

Secret Lives of Trees Vocabulary Interactive

Secret Lives of Trees Vocabulary Interactive 2
Secret Lives of Trees Vocabulary Interactive 3 The Secret Life of Trees - Follow Directions Watermelon Day Vocabulary Interactive 1  
Watermelon Day Vocabulary Interactive 2 Watermelon Day Vocabulary Interactive 3

  Watermelon Day - Make Inferences

Watermelon Day Word Work Card George Washington-Main Idea Best Title #1
Rules-Main Idea Lighthouses-Main Idea Plants-Main Idea
Tiger Goes Home-Main Idea Ladybugs-Comprehension Bees-Comprehension
Best Title #2 Flat Stanley Chapter 1 Flat Stanley Chapter 2
Flat Stanley Chapter 3 Flat Stanley Chapter 4 Flat Stanley Chapter 5
Reading: A Flat Stanley Quiz by Greg Paulsen    
Between the Lions Poetry Day Write Express Online Rhyme Tool BBC Schools Poem Pack (10 Interactives)
Shape Poem Link Magnetic Board Interactive Acrostic Poem Interactive Activity
The Cat in the Rain The Galleon The Storm

The Rainbow

The Windmill The Fisherman
The Spider


The Kitten

New Do It Yourself  ...
A blank 'fridge' for you to write your own words.


Online Poetry Quiz  (Reading)

Shape Poem  
My Writing Corner (Sentences) Friendly Letter Generator My Writing Space
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Consecutively by 1  Math Fact Cafe Subtracting (10 Problems)
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 2 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Half of a Double Math Fact Cafe Subtracting with 0
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Doubles plus 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting from 10 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 9
Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Odd Balls Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 2

 Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 3
Excel Favorite Christmas Treat Template
Ben Franklin for Kids Ben Franklin Quiz Living Things Life Cycle Activities
Inventor Ben Franklin    BBC Schools Electricity Electricity and Circuits
Electricity Using Electricity Circuits
Electricity 2 Fun with Food Webs BBC School Revise Lesson on Food Chains
Build a Food Chain Parts of a Plant  Cycles of Life
Living Things Growing Plants  BBC Schools Animals, Plants, Environment
Habitats Healthy Eating Links     
Christmas Fun!
Christmas Bear/Senses How the Grinch Stole Christmas Coloring Page Twas the Night Before Christmas Puzzle Interactive
Adopt an Elf Sally Saves Christmas Online Story Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Grinch That Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss

A Christmas visitor
Read the story and color the pictures

James and the Christmas Wagon
Story with illustrations for young children.

Robin Redbreast's Christmas Song
A Scotch Folk Tale with illustrations.

Kit and Kat's Christmas

Christmas In Magical Wood
Story with some illustrations.

Trim The Tree Mutant Trees Snow Traxx
Magic Elf Adventure Elf

Christmas Painting Online

Go to drop down menu to change the pictures to paint.

Dress A Snowman Peppermint Checkers Scrambles
Mrs. Claus' Workshop Reindeer Fact Show & Quiz Concentration Find The Differences
2 Days of Christmas Interactive Puzzle



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