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Social Studies

Max Found Two Sticks Vocabulary 1

Max Found Two Sticks Vocabulary 2 Max Found Two Sticks Vocabulary 3
Vocabulary "Max Found Two Sticks" High Frequency "Max Found Two Sticks" Max Found Two Sticks - Multiple - Meaning Words
Max Found Two Sticks Word Work Card Anthony Reynoso Word Work Card Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope - Summarize/Restate

Anthony Reynoso Vocabulary 1

Anthony Reynoso Vocabulary 2 Anthony Reynoso Vocabulary 3
High Frequency "Anthony Reynoso...Born to Rope"

Vocabulary "Anthony Reynoso...Born to Rope"

Chinatown Word Work Card

Chinatown Vocabulary 1

Chinatown Vocabulary 2 Chinatown Vocabulary 3
Chinatown - Details Read Write Think Story Map Our Sun
Mercury Venus Earth
Mars  Saturn Neptune
Jupiter Uranus Mars-Comparison-Contrast
Abe Lincoln Informational Quiz Stanley in Space Chapter Index Stanley in Space Chapter 1
Stanley in Space Chapter 2 Stanley in Space Chapter 3 Stanley in Space Chapter 4
Stanley in Space Chapter 6 Stanley in Space Chapter 7
Stanley in Space Chapter 8 Stanley in Space Chapter 9 Stanley in Space Chapter 10
Stanley in Space Chapter 11 Read Biographies


                 Social Studies

Jig Words Irregular Plurals #1 Molly Mix Up  Write (vocabulary) words in a sentences and them place the sentence in the correct order. Homonym Jig Saw Match 1
Root Words  Match Words Irregular Plurals #1 Speed Words Irregular Plurals #1

Homonyms Jig Words

Homonym Match Words

Homonyms Speed Words

Social Studies

Portrait of a President Abe Lincoln

White for Kids Abe Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865

Abe Lincoln for Kids

Abraham Lincoln History Place Link

Ford Theater Link

Social Studies
My Writing Corner (Sentences) Friendly Letter Generator My Writing Space
Social Studies
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Consecutively by 1  Math Fact Cafe Subtracting (10 Problems)
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 2 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Half of a Double Math Fact Cafe Subtracting with 0
Math Fact Cafe Subtracting Doubles plus 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting from 10 Math Fact Cafe Subtracting by 9
Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Odd Balls Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 1 Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 2
 Math Fact Cafe Subtraction Mixed 3 Flash Card Subraction Practice The ArithmAttack
Cyber Challenge (Click Subtraction) Math Magician Harcourt Math Site
Ambleside Subtraction Machine Subtraction Facts Interactive Count Us In Subraction
Quiz Tree Subtraction 1 Quiz Tree Subtraction 2 Quiz Tree 3 Subtraction
Quiz Tree Subtraction 4 Quiz Tree Subtraction 5 Quiz Tree Subtraction 6
Quiz Tree 7 Subtraction Money Desk Timed Math Facts
Arithmetic Four Interactives Quiz Tree Subtraction 8 Cyber Challenge (Click Subtraction)
Cyber Challenge (Click Subtraction) Nickels for Pennies Converting Coin Values
Room 108 Money Drills Grandpa's Game Money Tutorials for Money
Money and Change 2 Interactive Money and Change Interactive 3 Money and Change Interactive 4
Money and Change Interactive 5 Dimes for Pennies Adding Dimes and Pennies

Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies

Money and Change Interactive 6

Money and Change Interactive 1

Money Program Scottie' s Counting Change Coins for Change
Timed Subtraction Math Playground Site Sum Sense- Subtraction
Adding Nickels and Pennies Converting Coins to Pennies Let's Count Money
Social Studies

BBC Clips on Rocks

All About Rocks Rock Slide Show
If Rocks Could Talk Rocks and Fossils Rocks and Soil
Windows to the Universe iKnowThat Planets Planetary Mysteries
Solar System Interactive Model Solar System  Kids
Palma Sola Solar System Information Solar System Reading Links (Click on RED BUTTON!) Earth and Beyond
NASA Space Place Jupiter is Average

Planet Quiz (Order of Planets)

Social Studies
No Extra Room on the Mayflower-Virtual Suitcase Interactive (Scarcity) Scarcity's Story Goods and Producing

The Little Red Hen (story) and Red Hen Activity

PBS How Things Are Produced Build Your Community
Dog Gone Job

Goods and Services

Consumers Interactive

Life on a Dairy Farm

4 H Virtual Farm

Economic Wants of a Pet

Simple Simon Met a Producer

Producers Interactive

Communities-What they provide for us

The Story of Milk (Virtual Field Trip)

"The Perfect Pet" Online Story - Perfect Pet Activity

Providing Goods and Services

Health Wants VS. Fun Wants Mystery Workers Link

Matching Classroom Goods

Matching Producer Activity

How Crayons are Made Link

Yellow Page Interactive

3 Little Pigs Online Story and Cost Benefit Activity for 3 Little Pigs Story

Where to keep your money?

A Trip to the Bank!

Curiosity Shop (Goods) What Other People What to Be Delivering the Goods
Adventures with Dollar Bill Adventures with Interest Ray Money Central
Economics Who Gets More Than Their Share? Welcome to the Market
Bucky's Build a Buck


 Wants and Needs

 Cost and Benefit

Occupation and Service  


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