1st AR Party Success!

Two hundred nineteen Dozier Elementary students were able to participate in the school's 1st AR Celebration held on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

The movie and ice cream party was held in library. The students were able fix their ice cream treat with sprinkles and other special toppings. Then each group was able to view a movie while enjoying their special treat.

The Dozier Elementary students had to read a required amount of points to be able to participate in the 1st AR celebration. 5th grader Heather Green led the school with 188.3 points for this first session.


The 1st AR Party requirements were as follows: 2nd Graders needed 6 Points; 3rd Graders needed: 8 Points; 4th Grader needed: 10 Points, while 5th Grade needed 13 Points
Top AR 2nd Grader Winners: Back Lynkon Romeo (66.1 points), Brody Floris (50.6 points), Ella Caillouet (48.8 points), Sebastian Lopez (39.9 points), Kam Viator (31.1 points), Front: Matthew Champagne (27.4 points), Luke Hebert (26.2 points), Averi Granger (25.9 points), Ty Primeaux (24.9 points), Deshaun Perro (24.3 points)

Top AR 3rd Grade Winners: Front: Kimberly Kieu-Not pictured (40.2 points), Jayla Hebert (33.3 points), Ben Fourroux (28.6 points), Brian Nguyen (25.7 points), Kyla Arceneaux (24.3 points), Trysten Stoute (22.6 points), Ridge Menard (22.1 points), Emma Pigott (21.5 points), Austin Hebert (21.1 points), Avery-Grace Hebert (20.7 points).

Top AR 4th Grade Winners: Back: Amalee Clark (131.5 points), Zach Broussard (109.3 points), Bailey Arton (53.3 points), Claire Watson (51.4 points), Lasabria Campbell (42.5 points), Front: Emma Mayard (37.1 points), Brayson Bourque (36.6 points), Ethan Desormeaux (36.6 points), Alaini Richard (34.7 points), Coy Broussard (32.5 points).

Top 5th Grade Winners: Back: Heather Green (188.3 points), Luke Suire (114.3 points), John Michael Shiner (83.9 points), Chloe Klein-Not pictured (79.0 points), Maggie Champagne (78.5 points), Lauren Sonnier (65 points), Front: Grace Trahan (61.4 points), Ross Delcambre (58.3 points), Alyssa LeBlanc (56.8 points), Blaize Castille (56.7 points).

1st Party: November 21, 2013
Last day to test : November 19, 2013
Points Required:
  • 2nd Grade: 6 Points
  • 3rd Grade: 8 Points
  • 4th Grade: 10 Points
  • 5th Grade: 13 Points

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