“Saddle Up and Read, Buckaroo!” is the school wide Dozier Elementary AR theme this year. During the afternoon of February 25, 2011, two hundred and forty five students qualified to attend the 2nd AR school party in the cafeteria. Librarian Schuyler Poche hosted a special western party for those reaching the grade level goal.

This was the second party of three for the year. The AR committee met in August and decided on the amount of points needed to receive an invitation to attend the three parties. For students to attend the 2nd AR celebration, they needed to earn points from November 11, 2010 through February 18, 2011. Qualification AR points needed were as follows: 1st grade needed 5 points; 2nd grade-10 points, 3rd-16 points; 4th grade-20 points and 5th needed 24 points. 245 Dozier students achieved those goals, with many more earning points exceeding that goal.

The final party will be a water-mania party at the end of the year. All information is posted on the Dozier Elementary website and on the library website @ http://www.vrml.k12.la.us/spoche.  


1st graders (Not all are pictured)

2nd graders (Not all are pictured)

3rd graders (Not all are pictured)

4th graders (Not all are pictured)
5th graders (Not all are pictured) Top Readers

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