August 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

            Welcome to 3rd grade! I am very pleased to have you in my class for the 2013-2014 school year. My name is Stacy Broussard and I will be your childís third grade teacher. This is my 18th year teaching third grade and I truly enjoy it! I am married to Ted Broussard and we have 2 sons, Logan, 13 and Zachary, 10.

            This school year will be exciting and challenging for both the students and myself. Many changes have taken place in 3rd grade over the summer, especially in Reading and Math. It will be a new learning experience for us all. Third grade is a very important grade because students will be getting ready for the iLeap test in the spring and the PARCC assessment next year.

A discipline policy has been sent home for you to review and discuss with your child. I strictly adhere to these rules and consequences. A class chart will follow the students during library, P.E., and Music. Student conduct grades are determined weekly and will be sent home with test papers on Wednesday. School notices and letters are also included in the folders. Please review your childís work, sign the folder, and return it the following day.

            The Vermilion Parish School system follows a 9 week grading period. Therefore, progress reports will be sent home every 4 weeks and report cards after 9 weeks. There will be a total of 4 grading periods throughout the year.

            Listed below is our grading scale:

100-93        A

92-85          B

84-75          C

74-67          D

66- below    F

            Listed below are some general guidelines for each of our subjects. I will cover any questions you may have and discuss these subjects further during Open House.

            Reading: Students will be introduced to a new story and vocabulary every 2 weeks. We will cover most of the information in class and review. Grades will consist of comprehension quizzes, vocabulary / skill tests, class work, and homework. Your child will be given a comprehension passage each week for homework. Students will have the week to complete and turn it in for a 3 point grade. At the end of the 9 weeks, I will combine all the homework points into a homework grade. Usually it averages out to 24-27 points at the end.

            Finally, our class will be participating in the school wide AR program. Though it is not graded, I do ask that students to set a goal of at least 10 points per nine weeks. I will send a reminder periodically to let you know how many points your child has. At the completion of each nine week period students who have reached their goal will be treated with a reward. Mrs. Poche also has school wide incentives in the library. Students can earn bonus points in Reading for surpassing their AR goals. I will inform you when the time approaches.

Math: This year our parish has adopted a new Math program, Engage New York. You can access the lessons from home by visiting Student books will be kept in a binder. We will do lessons in class that correlate with the homework assignments. Please check your childís book each night to review the dayís lesson. Our main focus this year will be on multiplication and division as well as fractions.

Spelling: Students will be introduced to a new skill weekly. There will be 16 words and 2 dictation sentences each week. The lists will be placed in your childís yellow folder. I usually give a trial test on Wednesday and the final test on Friday. Any student who passes the trial test with an A will not have to test on Friday.

Language: The textbook will be a guide for teaching skills, with an emphasis on writing. The students will be tested weekly. Some work will be done in class and some will be assigned as homework. Writing assignments will be done mostly in class.

Social Living: Your child will be given a grade in Social Living this year. Science and Social Studies grades will be combined for an overall grade. Study guides will be given to help prepare for tests. Test dates will be given on the same day the study guide is issued. Supplemental handouts may be given in addition to the study guide. Please review these supplemental handouts with your child. Besides tests, grades will also come from group activities, worksheets and projects.

Homework: Students will be issued an assignment pad, the cost is $3.00. Homework is to be copied in this note pad. Please check it daily. If your child should be absent, please call the office in the morning so I can have their homework prepared by 2:00. There is some sort of home learning each night except on Fridays. After 2 assignments are missed, a homework notice is sent home. A class newsletter will be sent home weekly highlighting what skills and assignments will be due for the week. Finally, you can also visit the school website to access homework assignments. The website is You can also access my webpage to locate information at

Additional supplies: Aside from the list that was sent home at the end of last year, I am also asking that each student bring in the following items:

  • $8.00 ($3.00 covers the assignment pad and  $5.00 for art and AR / other incentives)

I feel this year is going to be very productive. By working together we can make it the best year possible for your child. If you have any questions throughout the year please donít hesitate to ask. I can be reached by email @ or you may call the office at 937-6915 and I will return your call as soon as possible.


                                                                                          Yours in Education,



                                                                                          Stacy Broussard

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