Finding a "lost" document:

1.Under the "Start" button select the "Find" application. In the name field, type in the name of the document you
    saved and check the drive you think you saved it to. Click on the Find button to start the search.
2.Now where to store your file is the question so you can find it next time you need it. If you are going to save it on
    the computer hard drive find a folder to use for all of your documents. You may need to create a folder, and to do
    that select new folder under the file menu in the menu bar. When you select the "new folder" option, make sure
    that the window is active for the folder that you want to create that folder within. Leaving a document on the local
    hard drive WILL NOT PROTECT that document. You must save it on a server or a diskette to protect and/or keep a
    file confidential.