Setting up a new Computer:
  1. For PC, there are six cables that should be connected to the computer, two power cords, a monitor cable, an Ethernet cord, a mouse cable and the keyboard cable.
  2. The monitor cable comes out of the monitor and looks like a D with 9 or 15 pins inside of it. This plugs into a D-shaped outlet that has 9 of 15 holes in it.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the port (in the back of the computer) that looks like a phone outlet. An Ethernet cable has ends that look like they have big phone cable ends. The other end of this cable goes into the wall or a "hub" in your room.
  4. Connect the keyboard to the Keyboard port on the back of the computer. Most PCs have a picture of the keyboard next to the port.
  5. Connect the mouse to its port on the backside of the computer most PCs have a picture of a mouse next to the port. A few computers have serial mice that work through the serial port. The Mouse will have a 9 pin D shaped male end and this will be plugged into the serial port that is D-shaped with 9 holes in it.
  6. Finally, connect the power cords to the back of the computer and the back of the monitor, and then to a power strip. 
  7. Now you are ready to turn on your computer.
  8. If the problem still occurs after following this guide, report it by clicking here.