Vermilion Parish
Smaller Area Communities

The road to Esther takes you through a cypress swamp area known as Big Woods.  While the drive that brings you to Esther these days is a pleasant trip down a winding scenic road, the trip was not always such an easy one.  During the 1800's traveling to Esther involved a round-about journey which included crossing the Vermilion River via Campbell's Ferryboat.

The community of Intracoastal City, located on the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway, evolved through years of service to the area's oil and fishing industries.  Here you'll find helicopter bases and docking facilities for these industries.  Drive south to the end of the road and you'll discover the Leland Bowman Lock on the Intracoastal Waterway.  Should you choose to visit the Lock, we recommend that you pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under the shelter of the Lock's gazebo.  And, if you bring you binoculars along, you can also use the gazebo as an observation point for bird and wildlife watching as the Lock is surrounded by a marsh teeming with local flora and fauna.  Tourist information at Leland Bowman Lock.

Perry is a community of firsts.  The first parish seat was located here until the year 1854 when Abbeville became the permanent Vermilion Parish Seat.  The first bridge to span the Vermilion River was built here during the 1820's by Mr. Robert Perry.  The present bridge crossing the Vermilion River in Perry is an aerial lift type span common to Vermilion Parish.

As you travel to Pecan Island you will pass through marshland inhabited by wildlife such as alligators, deer, nutria, and native birds.  Don't hesitate to stop at the roadside turnarounds for a little fishing or crabbing or just plain "looking" at the beauty of the open marsh and its elusive inhabitants.  Located 1/2 mile off of Highway 82 is the Acadiana Marina.  Here you'll find Our Lady of the Sea Chapel where artifacts from the old Cheniere Au Tigre Catholic Church are housed.  While you're in the area, perhaps you'd like to visit Freshwater City, home to oil industry docks, the Freshwater Bayou Lock, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Bancker was once a thriving community nestled between four large plantations.  The Catholic Church which once served the community is now located in Henry.   However, the church cemetery, which dates to 1897, and the Grotto, a replica of the original grotto at Lourdes, has recently been refurbished are open to the public.