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"Comprehension strategies are specific procedures that guide students to become aware of how well they are comprehending as they attempt to read and write" (NICHD, 2000, p 4-5).

Comprehension Strategies
(Click on the underlined words for their meanings or click on the letters in parenthesis for resources.)
Previewing (P) Predicting (Pr) Questioning (Q) Summarizing (S)
Visualizing and Sensory Imaging (VS) Synthesizing (Sy) Determining Importance (DI) Resources (TIPS)
Activating and Building Background (BB) Inferring and Drawing Conclusions (ID)
Before Reading During Reading After Reading
Previewing (top)
Quickwrites and Quickdraws Guided Reading Checklist  
Pre-reading Plan    
Predicting (top)
Questioning (top)
  Learning Logs  
Summarizing (top)
Scholastic Graphic Organizers Vermilion Parish Graphic Organizers Graphic Organizers
Visualizing and Sensory Imaging (top)
Mental Images   Open-Minded Portrait
Mental Images Pg. 2      
Bald Man Picture Visualizing    
Visualize Stories    
Synthesizing  (top)
Determining Importance (top)
Activating and Building Background  (top)
Author Study    
Inferring and Drawing Conclusion  (top)
Teaching Tips (top)
Tips to Approve Comprehension Reading Strategies The Resource Room
Before Reading Strategies During Reading Strategies After Reading Strategies
Reading Comprehension Use Text Structure to Teach Reading Comprehension Reading Basics
Reading Comprehension Skills Support Classroom Learning Support Classroom Learning
Guided Reading Checklist Scholastic Graphic Organizers Vermilion Parish Graphic Organizers
Oregon Reading First ELA Intervention Help Reader's Theatre
Jefferson County ELA Presentations
(Grades K-5)
Literacy Matters Student Interactives Literacy Matters
Just Read, Florida!!! Teaching Reading First VP Story Collection

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