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"Fluency is defined as "the ability to read a text quickly, accurately, and with proper expression" (NICHD, 2000; p. 3-1)


Fluency Strategies
(Click on the underlined words for their meanings or click on the letters in parenthesis for resources.)
Phrasing (Ph) Assisted Reading (AR) Rereading (R) Expressing (E)
Pacing (P) Wide Reading (WR) Accuracy (A) Resources (TIPS)
Before Reading During Reading After Reading
Phrasing  (top)
Assisted Reading (top)
  Assisted Reading Strategies  
  Coral Reading  
Rereading (top)
Expressing (top)
Pacing (top)
Wide Reading (top)
Accuracy (top)
Teaching Tips (top)
Retelling Rubric Read Write Think Story Map Improving Fluency with Groups
Fluency: Instructional Guidelines Building Fluency Open Court Fluency
Oregon Reading First ELA Intervention Help Reader's Theatre
Jefferson County ELA Presentations
(Grades K-5)
Literacy Matters Student Interactives Literacy Matters
Just Read, Florida!!! Teaching Reading First Oral Reading Fluency
Put Reading First - Fluency Instruction    

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