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"Recent research suggests that the most effective phonics instruction is planned, sequential, explicit, and systematic"  (NICHD, 2000; Stahl, Duffy-Hester  & Stall, 1998).

Phonics is the relationship between sounds in speech and letters in print.

Phonics Strategies
(Click on the underlined words for their meanings or click on the letters in parenthesis for resources.)
Synthesizing (Sy) Contextualizing (C) Patterning (P) Spelling (Sp)
Recognizing (R) Analyzing (A) Resources  (Tips)  
Before Reading During Reading After Reading
Synthesizing  (top)
    Making Words: Cardboard Letters
Contextualizing  (top)
Identify Short Vowels Downloadable books and teaching materials for phonics and phonemic  
BL to the End (blends)    
Patterning  (top)
    Stacker Game
Spelling  (top)
Recognizing  (top)
High Frequency Words - Rapid Naming Charts Included    
Phoneme Checker    
Analyzing  (top)
Teaching Tips  (top)
Teaching Tips Phonemic
Awareness and Phonics
Phonetics The Sounds of English Phonics
Phonics World Vowel Take Home Cards Reading Room Phonics Games
Oregon Reading First ELA Intervention Help Reader's Theatre
Jefferson County ELA Presentations
(Grades K-5)
Literacy Matters Student Interactives Literacy Matters
Just Read, Florida!!! Teaching Reading First Phonic Worksheets and Activities

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