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Alligators on Da Island

In the city when summer time rolls around the average city kid is looking forward to fun in the summer sun.  Ice cream and swimming and perhaps even a good summer job to make a little bit of spending money for the summer.  Well, down on the island when summer time rolls around the average country boy is also looking forward to a good summer job; some jobs are less desirable than others but one of the jobs that seems to always be fun and most profitable, is the harvesting of alligators.  Harvesting includes the picking of alligator eggs, the hunting of alligators for their hides, and the harvesting of alligators for the purposes of tagging them and re-releasing them for re-location purposes or tracking and studying.
Early in the morning, before the sun wakes up, the silent marsh is now filled with the roar of the airboat engines warming up and launching themselves into the water, now the sun rises and their off, like the beginning of the Indy 500 they race through the marsh to find their first nest for the day, the nests are usually marked by white PVC pipes with a light colored piece of flagging, put their at a previous date by a helicopter crew locating the nests from above, marking them in a Global Positioning System (GPS).
Once you punch in the co-ordinates on the GPS and locate the nest the airboat is positioned so that the picker will not have to get out of the boat for safety reasons, (female alligators are known to protect their nest) but this is not always possible, once everything is in place you must uncover the nest with your hands layer by layer until you locate the eggs without disturbing them, then the eggs must be marked using a marker of some kind on the top of the egg so that the eggs can be placed exactly the same way in the container as they are in the nest, this is because after a certain amount of time the embryo attaches itself to the bottom of the egg and if it is not placed in the same way in the container as it was in the nest the embryo will detach itself from the egg shell and die.  Before the eggs are placed in the container it is lined with chunks of the nest placed under and on top of the eggs in the container to cushion the eggs to prevent breakage.  From the nests, to the airboats, to the trucks, to the alligator farms, the eggs are then prepared and put into an incubator for hatching.  After a couple of weeks the eggs hatch and the hatchlings are put directly into an alligator shed, the alligator farms are required to tag and release a certain percent of the alligators that they hatch.
Once the alligators are released into the wild, their growth rate slows down, and will continue to slow down the longer they are alive; it could take up to 70 years for a male alligator to reach 14 feet.  So when you take into consideration on everything a 14 foot alligator has to go through; first of all he had to survive 70 years of boats, droughts, and fishermen, as well as other male alligators, but alligator hunting is the biggest reason of all why an alligator of this size is such a rare and beautiful thing to come by.

"Florida Alligator Hunting"
Alligator hunt now available, Experience the ultimate in hunting
Florida alligators. Now taking reservations for once a year
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All over the United States you can pay big money to be allowed to hunt an alligator, but here on the island it is a way of life and you can get paid big money to hunt an alligator; it can almost be considered a necessity, seeing that if nobody hunts the alligators, they will take over and become a nuisance.  Not to mention if the alligator hunters stopped hunting them, then that would be a major source of his income, gone.
Alligator hunting has always been a part of the islands history and heritage.  Passed on from generation to generation and usually continued on by kids and grandkids and their kids and grandkids, it will always be a part of life and a part of a lot of enjoyment and pride from the Island. 
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