Louisiana Wetlands

Alligator Products

Alligator products can come in many forms.  They can come in wallets, key chains, belts, shoes, and even meat.

Alligator products are not hard to come by, but rather expensive.  Alligator meat can go from 5 to 11 dollars a pound.  Alligator purses can go for 300 dollars a piece.  The reason alligator products are so expensive is the work that has to be achieved to catch and kill an alligator.

This is the hide of an alligator after all the insides have been removed.  This particular alligator goes for about 350 dollars.  By the time this alligator is used of all its body it will make a 2000 dollar profit. Here are a few small products (not including meat) that make so much money. 

Click here to view photos of alligators.



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