Louisiana Wetlands

Killdeer Plover

A killdeer plover (which gets its name from its call which sounds something like "kill dee, dee, dee. . .") is about the size of a large robin (9-11 inches) and it brown on top, white below, with two dark brown, almost black bands across its white breast and a golden orange-red rump.  They are three-toed and are AMAZING flyers, going as fast as 55 mph in the air!  The female lays 4 eggs which she then incubates for 25-27 days.  The young plovers are very well developed when they hatch and can run around almost immediately.  After they hatch, they follow their parents around on the ground.  This might seem very dangerous and risky, but whenever one of the parents sense danger, they give a warning call.  When they hear this, the chicks crouch down and freeze.  Their camouflage helps them go undetected most of the time.


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