Louisiana Wetlands

Help Save Our Wetlands

"To many people wetlands are still swamps, marshes, and bogs; mosquito infested, oozing places that would be more useful if paved over and made into shopping malls and housing developments. But that ooze is the source of life that provides important benefits to fish, wildlife, and humans"

We have lost most of the wetlands in our country. During colonial times approximately 215 million acres of wetlands existed in what is now the lower 48 states. By the mid 1970's only 99 million acres remained, a loss of approximately half of the original wetlands. Since 1970, 290 thousand acres have been lost. Tennessee has lost from 50 to 80% of its wetlands.

There are so many LITTLE things that you yourself can do to help us save our Wetlands? 

Stop cutting down trees for no reason.
Stop throwing things out of you car or truck window.
Don't poor things into the water that a fish or animal is not able to drink or eat.
Stop killing our wildlife for no particular reason.
Try and use environment friendly chemicals when ever possible.

Wetlands International - http://www.wetlands.org/


Is a leading global non-profit organization dedicated solely to the crucial
work of wetland conservation and sustainable management. Well-established networks of experts and close partnerships with key organizations provide Wetlands International with the essential tools for catalyzing conservation activities worldwide. There  activities are based on sound science and have been carried out in over 120 countries.


To sustain and restore wetlands, their resources and biodiversity for future generations through research, information exchange and conservation activities, worldwide.



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