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Spyware is loosely defined as any program that covertly gathers
information through your Internet connection without your knowledge.
Once installed, spyware programs monitor user activity on the Internet
and transmit that information to interested parties.

In addition to wasting bandwidth, certain spyware programs can gather
information about email addresses, keystrokes, cookies, and
even passwords and credit card numbers. Many Spyware programs have been
known to cause system failure and general system instability.

Adware is software designed to track your buying and surfing habits,
as well as demographic information and, sometimes, personal information.
Sometimes classified as spyware, Adware may be installed on your computer
when you install a shareware or freeware utility. Once an adware program
is running on your system, it can track your activities and subsequently
transmit reports to a remote computer for advertising purposes.

System Monitor Software:
System monitoring software is software placed on your system, either
locally or remotely, for the sole purpose of collecting information
on all of your computer activities. System monitoring software is
used by employers, identity thieves, private investigators and many
others to gather information ranging from keystrokes, to the programs
you run, to web sites you visit.

Almost all system monitoring software can run in stealth mode, allowing
it to be placed on your system and used without your knowledge.

Trojan Horses:
Trojan Horses or Trojans are malicious programs that masquerade as helpful
applications. Once installed, they collect and transmit information about
you. Hackers and identity thieves use Trojans to steal login names, passwords,
and credit card information. A popular method of transmitting Trojans is to
disguise them as a "music file" on an Internet site, waiting for someone to
download and activate it. They are also frequently disguised as an update to
Windows, or even as an update to anti-virus software. Many defense measures,
such as anti-virus programs and firewalls, do not detect Trojans.