Delcambre, Louisiana (Story and Questions)


Delcambre, Louisiana

Delcambre Louisiana is a town in Louisiana. It is very different from other towns and that’s because it stands in the middle of different parishes. Part of it is in Iberia Parish and the other half is in Vermilion Parish.

Around 1870, Alexander Geoffrey opened a general store. In 1875, the store was sold to two men, Theolin Landry and Desire Delcambre. Then in 1877, the first post office record was recorded. In that same year Desire Delcambre was named the Post Master. After that, Desire Delcambre bought out Theolin Landry’s part of the store and owned the general store himself. Later in the 1880`s, the Delcambre school established. By 1897 a Catholic Church was built. Not long after, in 1900 two doctors came to Delcambre`s community. In 1903 Dr. Adolph Landry returned to his hometown as a doctor and served the area for many year. In 1907, Delcambre became a village.

Delcambre’s Schools have changed in the past years. In 1909, Delcambre's schools were built as part of Vermilion Parish. Delcambre schools were added to the Iberia School System in 1932. Delcambre Elementary became the feeder school for Delcambre High School . In 2005, Delcambre has 2 schools and still are part of Iberia Parish Schools.

Delcambre went through many hard times with fires, floods, hurricanes, and wars. Many men were involved in most wars. In 1917 some Delcambre men fought in the first World War. Then many men were in World War that began in 1941. After that in 1950 some served in the Korean War. In 1965 there was the Vietnam War and Desert Storm. Some fought after the September 11th terrorist attack. Like many men in America, the Delcambre men were in several wars. Hurricane Rita in 2005 and Hurricane Ike brought a lot of flooding to the Delcambre area in 2008.

Shrimping came to Delcambre many years ago. Shrimping and fishing are the major resources for the community. Some other resources include crops and cattle.

Delcambre now has a Library, City Hall, Post Office, Police Station, Fire Station as landmarks. The town is known for the Delcambre Shrimp Festival. Although Delcambre is like many towns in some ways, it is different because they are a town that sits in two different Louisiana Parishes.