Gueydan, Louisiana (Story and Questions)


Gueydan, Louisiana

Gueydan, Louisiana is a peaceful little town in Vermilion Parish.

Gueydan began in 1898, and was incorporated in 1899. It was named after Jean Pierre Gueydan.

It is located on the west side of Vermilion Parish. It is a town with about 1,598 people in it. In 1999, Gueydan became 100 years old.

Gueydan is named "Duck Capital of the World". There is a big celebration for the town. It is called the Duck Festival. It started in 1977. Everyone has fun at the festival!

The Gueydan Museum was established in 1990. The Gueydan Museum is filled with old artifacts and pictures. The building was built in 1902. It was originally the Bank of Gueydan. The Museum now is filled with interesting facts.

The City Hall was built in 1938 and still stands today on the boulevard.

Rice crops, farming, hunting and fishing were all part of the area. These are all resources that helped the community and town.

Gueydan has had a few schools. In early 1900's the first high school was completed. (Click to view 1903 Student Body Picture)

In 1924 the high school building became the elementary school and in 1976 Gueydan Elementary officially became Jesse Owens. Gueydan High School was built in 1959.

St. Peter's is a Catholic Private Elementary School in Gueydan. Gueydan High School has students from 7th through 12th grade. Jesse Owens Elementary has Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Many terrible things happened through the years. In 1917 World War 1 began. In 1941 World War II began. The Korean War began in 1950. The Vietnam War began in 1965 and in 1991 men fought in the Gulf War and many have served since the September 11th terrorist attacks. Gueydan had many floods, fires and hurricanes too.

The town of Gueydan has landmarks. It has a City Hall, Museum, Fire Station, Police Station, churches and businesses now. Gueydan is a nice and peaceful place to visit in Vermilion Parish.