Erath Sugar Cane Refinery

Spirit of Erath Centennial Series

In 1909, Caldwell brothers Vernon and Summa, along with Demas and Emile Moresi, established the Erath Sugar Company. The site was located at the intersection of Kibbe Street and Bayou Tigre Road. This particular parcel of land had been previously owned by Felicien Primeaux.


At the beginning of it's operation, the Erath Sugar Company was able to process 400 tons in a twenty four hour time span. However, with better equipment and labor workers, the company was able to process 2,000 tons per day. At this time, difficulty transporting the sugar cane produced problems, so Vernon Caldwell and his partners built a seventeen mile stretch of railroad, (running from eight miles south to Boston to seven miles north to the Leblanc area).


With the new railroad in place for the sugar mill, constant transportation was now possible. Sugar Cane,  like cotton was a resource which helped Erath flourish. The Sugar Cane Refinery closed in 1969. The sugar cane, refinery is a structure that many Erath residents grew up with. Although no longer in use, it's smoke stack still generates conversation and warm memories in the minds and hearts of Erath residents.

Spirit of Erath Articles (Keys to the Past Series)

Written by Stacy Bodin, Erath's 100th Anniversary Erath Centennial Historian (1999)

A Special Thank You goes out to Attorney Warren Perrin;
 the Acadian Museum in Erath;
Kermit Bouillion;
Curney Dronet, (Erath Author);
the Abbeville Meridional (Local Newspaper);
(The late) Clement Bourgeois Jr., (Erath Historian);
John LeBlanc (Town Official);
The 1999 Centennial President Jackie Vincent;
Robert Vincent (Acadiana Museum Director);
and my parents Larson "Cap" and Gertie Hebert Bodin
who assisted me in my research in this project.

The articles presented in memory of
Relie LeBlanc III
whose enthusiasm and love of Erath
inspires me still today in my quest of
researching and writing about our community. 
His "Unity in the Community" motto
will forever remain in my heart.

Photo of LeBlanc is
Courtesy of Dickie Durr's Thrifty Way of Abbeville

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