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Communities throughout the world each hold their own legacy. No town is represented by one person, nor one story. During it's infancy, the land and it's pioneers experienced hardships which laid the ground floor of the Erath, Louisiana community. Once in place, the town continued to flourish through the promising moments, as well as difficult times. Members of each community hold memories in their heart, which help historians link the people and it's land.  In essence, the short "Spirit of Erath" articles are what we call keys to the past that also shine a light on the historical threads that weave our little "cajun" town.

Lying within the tapestry of this town are thousands of short stories which assist in revisiting the past, while preparing for the future.  Those woven threads from  individual stories and memories intertwine to create a unique quilt.

During the Centennial celebration in 1999, I was able to research some of the intriguing stories which brought forth happiness and well as despair to the area.  Listed below are a few stories that represent threads in our quilt.  It is my hope to continue researching and posting stories that reveal the "keys to Erath's past."  Upcoming articles will include the history of the local churches and other short stories which reveal the "face of Erath."

Erath's History (Spirit of Erath Stories)
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Erath Map (MapQuest)

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Robert Vincent
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Faces in Erath (Links on the Web)
Senator Allen Bares Lee Bernard Clement Bourgeois Curney Dronet Sr. Hazel Hebert Lynn Goutierrez Lawerence Broussard
Relie LeBlanc Inez Leblanc Vincent Robert Segura, Sr., Dr. Edward LeBlanc George LeBlanc, Sr., E. J. Leblanc Elwood and Claudette Lacour
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Spirit of Erath Articles (Keys to the Past Series)

Written by Stacy Bodin, Erath's 100th Anniversary Erath Centennial Historian (1999)

A Special Thank You goes out to Attorney Warren Perrin;
 the Acadian Museum in Erath;
Kermit Bouillion;
Curney Dronet, (Erath Author);
the Abbeville Meridional (Local Newspaper);
(The late) Clement Bourgeois Jr., (Erath Historian);
John LeBlanc (Town Official);
The 1999 Centennial President Jackie Vincent;
Robert Vincent (Acadiana Museum Director);
and my parents Larson "Cap" and Gertie Hebert Bodin
who assisted me in my research in this project.

The articles presented in memory of
Relie LeBlanc III
whose enthusiasm and love of Erath
inspires me still today in my quest of
researching and writing about our community. 
His "Unity in the Community" motto
will forever remain in my heart.

Photo of LeBlanc is
Courtesy of Dickie Durr's Thrifty Way of Abbeville

Questions or comments?
Email Stacy Bodin

Erath Map (MapQuest)

Erath July 4th Celebration
The Acadian Museum in Erath, Louisiana

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