Graphing Our Area Schools

MS Word Graphing Direction Sheet   PDF File Direction Sheet
MS Word School Data Printable PDF File School Data Printable
MS Word Vermilion Parish School Graph Printable   PDF File School Graph Printable

Using Graph Club Direction (Printable Version)

1.   At the top, find "Graph" and drop down to "how many kinds" and click to "4"

2.   Now go back to “Graph” at the top and drag down to “Maximum Scale” and click “20”.

3.   Go to “Graph” and click on symbols.  Choose the letters “E” for Elementary, “M” for Middle Schools and “H” for High Schools and “P” for Private Schools.

4.   Click Title and Type in "VERMILION PARISH SCHOOLS"

5.   Click on the puppy icon at the bottom and then "TYPE IN ELEMENTARY"

6.   Click on the cat icon at the bottom and then "TYPE IN MIDDLE"

7.   Click on the rabbit and type in “HIGH SCHOOL

8.   Click on the next icon and drag in a “P”. Type in “PRIVATE”.

9.   Go to the word "WHAT?  and type School Type.  TYPE YOUR NAME.

10.  Complete your “Vermilion Parish School Graph” by dragging the numbers needed for each level and print.

11.  Students will analyze the data collected write about it on a separate sheet of paper. 


More information to come.

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