Vermilion Parish in Kidspiration

NOTE:  The templates are in three columns. The three are the same template, but might need different versions of Kidspiration to open it.  Column 1 needs Kidspiration 1 to open it.  Column 2 needs Kidspiration 2 and column 3 needs Kidspiration 3 to open it.
Kidspiration 1 Templates Kidspiration 2 Templates Kidspiration 3 Templates
Vermlion Parish Template Vermlion Parish Template Vermlion Parish Template
Town Templates are included below as well.
Abbeville (Kidspiration 1) Abbeville (Kidspiration 2) Abbeville  (Kidspiration 3)
 Kaplan (Kidspiration 1)  Kaplan  (Kidspiration 2)  Kaplan (Kidspiration 3)
Erath (Kidspiration 1) Erath  (Kidspiration 2) Erath (Kidspiration 3)
Gueydan (Kidspiration 1) Gueydan  (Kidspiration 2) Gueydan (Kidspiration 3)
Delcambre (Kidspiration 1) Delcambre  (Kidspiration 2) Delcambre (Kidspiration 3)
Meaux (Kidspiration 1) Meaux  (Kidspiration 2) Meaux (Kidspiration 3)
Maurice (Kidspiration 1) Maurice  (Kidspiration 2) Maurice (Kidspiration 3)
Mouton Cove (Kidspiration 1) Mouton Cove  (Kidspiration 2) Mouton Cove (Kidspiration 3)
Cow Island (Kidspiration 1) Cow Island  (Kidspiration 2) Cow Island (Kidspiration 3)
FIEB (Kidspiration 1) FIEB  (Kidspiration 2) FIEB Kidspiration 3)
Pecan Island (Kidspiration 1) Pecan Island  (Kidspiration 2) Pecan Island (Kidspiration 3)
Indian Bayou (Kidspiration 1) Indian Bayou  (Kidspiration 2) Indian Bayou (Kidspiration 3)
Perry (Kidspiration 1) Perry  (Kidspiration 2) Perry (Kidspiration 3)
Henry (Kidspiration 1) Henry  (Kidspiration 2) Henry (Kidspiration 3)
General Web (Kidspiration 1) General Web  (Kidspiration 2) General Web (Kidspiration 3)

MS Word Directions & PDF File Directions

1. Download Template. Go on the desktop and click on “VP KIDSPIRATION TEMPLATE.”  Vermlion Parish Template


3.  Drag the Vermilion Parish Icon in the correct place on the map.

4. Click on the “box” labeled “Type the State The name of your state.  You will type Louisiana in the box.

5.  Drag in small pictures that could represent or that you may “SEE” in Vermilion Parish.

6. Click under the hands and type your name under the hands. 

7. Save as your name and vpkids.  Mine will look like stacyvpkids.


8. Print



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