Vermilion Parish: By Land and Water

1. Read one of the "Clovis Crawfish Books" or another book which relates to seafood and water in Louisiana.

2. Read the Online Pelican Trish Rhyme and Reading Activity with the students. Discuss "why" the water is important to the Vermilion Parish area.

3. Create a KWL Chart about the relationship of water and Vermilion Parish residents.  Discuss and list the importance of water/resources for Vermilion Parish.  Research types of ways that Louisiana men and women survived on water.

c.  Chain Reaction Printable-As a class, have the students fill out a "chain reaction" Printable.  In the first box, have them put "Water in Vermilion Parish" and have them name things that happen because of water in this area. (You can use Flow Charts as well)

d.  Color Vermilion Parish water and land map (pdf file)

e.  Technology Water and Land Activity - Students will identify water and land on a map by using the "Paint Program" on the computer. Directions can be downloaded with MS Word or in Adobe.   

f. A Tale About My Town: Students will create a map of their town.  As the town mayor, they will name their town and write a story about it.


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