Identifying My Community

1.  Technology Activity - Students will take a state map and identify their home parish by using the "Paint Program" on the computer.

Directions can be downloaded with MS Word or in Adobe.

VP Paint MS Word    VP Paint PDF FILE


2. Where Am I in My Parish? Lesson - Locating "My Parish" on a Louisiana Parish Map. Activity can be downloaded with MS Word or in Adobe.

3.  Vermilion Parish: By Land and by Water Lessons

4.  Draw a Map of Your Room (Lesson)

5.  Draw a Map Your Route to School (Lesson)

6.  Find My School or Home on the Internet - Using MSN Map Blast Finder, Yahoo Maps or Map Quest, have the children type in their home address to view a map of their neighborhood or area

7.  Place the States (Ben Franklin for Kids Site) Click on the word "large" then "Level 1" for the kids to place the states on the US Map.

Maps to View and Share

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