Finding Our Parish Using the "Paint" Program on the Computer.
Technology Project Using "Paint" on most computers.

1.  First your will have to "DOWNLOAD" the Vermilion Parish Picture on the desktop on each computer that the children will use.  (There is a "QUICK GUIDE" for Kids to use and place near the computers.  You may want to pair children up for this activity).

2.  Once the picture is downloaded, go to the start menu and

3.  Then you will find "Accessories"....

4. Then from Accessories, you will click "Paint"

5.  Once you open "Paint" you will have this screen.

6.  Now go to the top and find "File" and drag it down to "OPEN".

7.  Once you hit open, it will bring you to "My Documents" or "My Pictures".  BUT you need to open up your desktop to retrieve the picture. (Notice the dark "desktop" part.)

8.  Now on the desktop look for the icon that says 1PaintVP.jpg on the desktop and click on that.


9.  You will pull in the LA Parish Map when you do this.

10.  The children can click on the red and then the color or paint can and color Vermilion red.

11.  Then the children can click on the "A" in the panel and click on any white spot and a rectangle will show up.  Then need to type their name.

12. They can print this by going to "FILE" and Print.

13.  Then they will go to "File" and then save and type their name or initials and VP.  (Example sbVP)

14.  On the desktop, it show up their own icon if it was saved correctly.




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