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What do you know about the communities of Meaux and Leroy?  How did they each get their name?  When did it begin?  Read to learn a little more about your area!

Meaux is a community northwest of Abbeville.  It is located in Vermilion Parish.

When it began many years ago, it was called Harrington's Island.  Later it became known as Millington. Then in 1919, Meaux got its current name.

Cattleman Joseph Harrington’s family stated that sometime before 1847, he began driving herds through the area in an effort to bring them from Texas to market in New Orleans.

He liked the place and decided to build a home there.  He transported timber from the Cow Island area to build his residence. His home was on high ground surrounded by ponds, and was dubbed Harrington's Island.

In the late 1800s, the Vermilion Parish Police Jury appointed a group of landowners to build a public road. There was a path which the public used to travel from Harrington's Island to Abbeville. Each of those in the area, paid $10 for the cost of a surveyor to map the area.

Millington M. Hartman, who owned a store in the area, was instrumental in having a post office established. The area was then called Millington, in his honor.

Around this time, there were four one room schools located nearby.   The area grew and eventually a new school was built. In 1919, the community residents proposed that they be consolidated into one central school in the Millington area.


On Feb. 24, 1919, Muriel Daisy Meaux and his wife, Odelia Broussard donated 1˝ acres for the new school. This was when the community was named for them.

The high school was consolidated and with Maurice High to form a new school. North Vermilion High School was built and located in the community of Leroy.  North Vermilion houses grades 7-12.  It opened in 1980.

 In 1994, Meaux Elementary experienced a fire and in 1995 the new school opened. 

Leroy is also in Vermilion Parish. The community of Leroy was first named “La Butte Rouge” because the Abshire family residence there was painted red and could be seen from a distance.

That name was changed to Leroy when a post office was established to remember the young son of Dr. Theonis Abshire. Theonis Abshire was the son of the original settlers off this area and the first doctor to practice in the area. He had his practice in a home.  The doctor's son, Leroy, died as a child from tuberculosis. The community was named after the son.

The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was established in Leroy in 1922. Father Maurice Veekmans was first pastor.

North Vermilion is a school in Leroy, Louisiana.
Many terrible things happened through the years. In 1917 World War 1 began. In 1941 World War II began. The Korean War began in 1950.  The Vietnam War began in 1965 and in 1991 men fought in the Gulf War and many have served since the September 11th terrorist attacks. The Meaux and Leroy areas had many floods, fires and hurricanes too.
Both Meaux and Leroy both have interesting facts about their communities. Can you remember some of the facts?

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