Meet Our LeadersVermilion Parish Schools: Raising the Bar

Student Reporters Callie Desormeaux, Erik Belanger and Taylor Baudoin

      Meet Mr. Robert Rizzuto. He is the Vermilion Parish Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instructional, and Federal Programs. Mr. Bobby is a special leader. He was born and raised in Gueydan, Louisiana. His parents are Anthony and Florence Rizzuto. He went to Gueydan Elementary and High School. His favorite childhood memories are when he went hunting and fishing near his home.

     Mr. Robert Rizzuto married Rachel Bertrand. His children are Michelle and Tracey. His granddaughter is Jillian. Michelle and Jillian live in Lake Charles. Tracey lives in Baton Rouge. Michelle is a registered nurse in Lake Charles. Tracey has a Doctorate in Psychology and teaches at Louisiana State University.

      Mr. Bobby went to the
University of Louisiana in Lafayette and got a B.A. in Microbiology and Chemistry in 1972. He later he joined the Air Force. He stayed in the Air Force from 1974-1978. Then received a B.S Science Education Degree in 1979 at USL, a Master's Degree at McNeese in 1981, Master's +30 at McNeese in 1985, and Education Specialist at McNeese in 1986. Mr. Bobby was never an Assistant Principal, but he was Principal at Gueydan High for 10 years.

    Mr. Rizzuto has been the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instructional, and Federal Programs for four years. Other jobs he had were B-52 Crewmember in United States Air Force, math, science, and P.E. Supervisor.  He was a teacher for the Air Force. He was a teacher at Gueydan High School for six years and the Gueydan  High School Principal.

    Mr. Bobby Rizzuto is special because he cares about the future of the children in Vermilion Parish. He said his favorite part of this job is "being interviewed by students."

   Mr. Bobby Rizzuto believes that “Technology is the latest tool to be used in education. It must be effectively integrated into the classroom environment in order to have the maximum benefit.”

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