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    In the mid 1800's, settlers began to settle in the Vermilion Parish area.  The settlers learned to use the resources surrounding their homes.  Both the land and the water helped families long ago survive.

     The water was filled with different types of seafood to eat.  Seafood became important to the area. Hunting, crops and animals also helped the people earn a living. 

      Farming has been  a major resource since Vermilion Parish began.  Crops have included cotton, corn, sugar cane and rice.  Many Vermilion Parish men and women relied  natural resources to feed their families or to earn their living. Oil and gas have also been resources to the parish. Oil and gas are also important to the area.  Land rigs are located throughout the area.


    The land and the water are two major resources which helped Vermilion Parish grow through the years.


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