Vermilion Parish & Hurricane Rita

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Helping Students Discover Vermilion Parish

      Welcome to new the Vermilion Parish Site for children. Through a technology camp, facts were gathered about the cities, towns and villages in Vermilion Parish. The goal of this site is to help students develop a better understanding of  the rich heritage of the area.

       Vermilion Parish is one of Louisiana's sixty four parishes.  It is located in the southern portion of the state. Abbeville is the largest city and has been the Parish Seat since 1854. The 2000 Census recorded 54,222 people in Vermilion Parish. Abbeville was recorded with 11,887 residents.  Another city, Kaplan, had 5,117 citizens.  There are three towns Erath (population 2,187), it's neighbor Delcambre (population 2,168) and Gueydan (population 1,598).  Maurice is the only incorporated village with 642.  You will find information on these six areas in the links.  Also part of Vermilion Parish are other communities rich in history and holds legacies of their own.  Though not complete, links for Perry, Pecan Island, Meaux, Indian Bayou, Mouton Cove, Forked Island, Cow Island, Bancker and Henry contain general links. Through this ongoing project, the goal is for children continue researching and posting information and projects about all of the communities in Vermilion Parish. Most of the articles on this site were written by children. Any teacher interested in submitting Vermilion Parish Projects done by the students are welcomed to submit them to the webmaster. Several lessons about Vermilion Parish are linked for teachers on the side panel.    

      With a pride in our parish, hospitality in our hearts and delicious food as part of our heritage, the focus is to help  you enjoy  Un goût de Vermilion (A Taste of Vermilion).

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